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Btw. don't re-upload the Abyssian_Journal_New2 folder as some files are already changed - modified for this theme ! To change the current Abyssian Journal (crimson) theme please download the website from Neocities again.

Another note in regards to today's coding session : I didn't know I could code multiple inset (border-looking) box shadows xD, such which even look great as avatar borders.
For next sessions remember to use: inset 0 0 0 size color, inset 0 0 0 size color (or see the container holding dark Asriel's avatar). ngl.. it looks hella cool

I still believe that my own work's Luca (who has psychic powers on physic's level / electromagnetics) is way better equipped for PSI Corp's main system than AU-blesse's Luca (who has most certainly blood-bound psychic powers). A Judicator's mind powers are way too superior (multitasking included) to Noblesse's mind powers.