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Record of Ragnarok - Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

Favorite character list (uwu) - unordered because it's hard to pick a certain character fav over another (they are all amazing on their own) ^^;

Nikola Tesla [Round 8] : c'mon, he's a scientist and a funny weird guy xD (hot too, askaskask). He's a new character so I'm looking forward getting to know him more in the upcoming chapters OwO

Update: dude carried his entire research to his death (in his mind) only to complete it in his afterlife during Ragnarok ?? 😲 😲

And.. he f*ckn did that again, god I love him askaskask xDD (yea, this Tesla is on crack, askask)- Beel is not impressed..

Possible prediction / headcanon: I feel his role in Round 8 vs. Beelzebub might be similar to Heracles's or Buddha's - even if he might lose in the end (due to the score) he might help Beelzebub overcome his curse - defeat Satan - (and his loneliness) and/or inspire him to live and not to seek death anymore (similarly how Heracles helped Jack to become a better person, or how Buddha made Zerofuku happy again overcoming his misery). But from the looks it seems that Beelzebub will be a tough nut to crack open - to warm up to Tesla (Good luck on that), but who knows... I really wish they become good (best) friends mid-/endfight (which might activate Beel's curse again and Satan might eventually kill Tesla with it). As Beel wakes up again he will see Tesla fatally injured. The fight could get to a point (midfight possibly) when Beel would not want to fight/kill Tesla anymore (just like Zero didn't want to fight Buddha anymore either - and then got transformed into Hajun) - maybe also because he would remind him of Lucifer and his other past friends. (Update: Nope, he just wants to avenge Hades. And Tesla is too cocky. Well, RIP. No friendship in reach..) In the end Beelzebub could change back to his happier self. (Potential Beelzebub character development). The endgame might be Tesla vs. Satan (just like Buddha vs. Hajun) - Creator fighting Destruction. If Tesla dies then his killer would be most likely Satan.

More pages (from ch. 70/71) - This guy....I'm fckin' rolling 🤣 🤣 🤣 (he's soo happy though) - Dude even wanted to borrow Beelz's staff for research... 🤣

Floating (antigravity) Tesla - dude's just floating and chillin' 😂 (definitely the funniest dude in RoR)

Dude was stalling this whole time ?? 😲
(also his face in the first two panels... I fear that this might be Tesla's face upon his death scene... 😢)
(Beelz's face at the other hand 😂 : he didn't expect that I guess ~ his face is hella cute though in the 4th panel 😳)

I hope that as of now Beelz will finally start taking Tesla more seriously

I really hope that even if Tesla should lose in the end, he will at least change Beelzebub for the better. Honestly I like both : Tesla & Beelzebub, but my preference is for Tesla as of now (cuz I can relate to him more). After his death Beelzebub (if he goes through a character development thanks to Tesla) might become my next favorite. As also other people pointed out - Beelzebub will be soo sad if he eventually ends up killing Tesla (cuz of his Satan personality). He surely will miss Tesla a lot (even if he didn't intend to do).

I swear.. if Tesla dies I'll make a memorial for him on this website (him to the sidepanel).

Buddha (Shaka) [Round 6] : epic future vision & enlightenment abilities and juvenile mannerism (also he has no fear or shame whatsoever). Good guy at heart UwU. Also likes snacks and sweets lol (+bonus points for design ~ heckin' usachan tank top xDD)

Hades (✝) [Round 7] : A chill dude with a lot of respect from the other gods (and some humans too), can be funny (unintentionally) and is a very caring eldest brother to Zeus, Adamas and Poseidon (maybe has a bit of a brother complex too xD). R.I.P. King of Helheim u-u (I miss him already)

Zerofuku (✝) [Round 6] : cuz he's so pure, kind and cute uwu (f u Beel for using him for your messed up experiment e.e) R.I.P. Zero U-U

Jack the Ripper [Round 4] : A feared british murderer, with a sad past, who's fight with Heracles eventually changed him to a better person. In fight he's a skilled trickster xD. After his fight he became a butler to his valkyrie lol (+ again, bonus points for design)

Adam (✝) [Round 2] : First human created by God and No. 1 Dad with an extreme willpower, unstoppable even by death, to protect his own children (humanity) and wife. He has a chill personality too, and he's a simple man without a care who doesn't require much for his happiness if his loved ones are happy & well too. R.I.P. Bestest Dad U-U