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This is an informational page tracking the lore and events connected to the "OC-verse".

I don't have an official name for it yet, *cough* *cough* ^^;

The beginnings of the 2 opposite races

Origin: unnamed planet within a red dwarf solar system.

Planetary conditions: The planet is tidally locked with the red dwarf star - one half of the planet has eternal day while the other half of the planet has eternal night.

Population: Just like the planet is divided into two halves the population is similarly divided - with one half of the population being diurnal (used to eternal daylight) while the other half being nocturnal (used to eternal night).

While both parts of the population initially identify themselves as two subraces (or nations) of a singular planetary race, with time both subraces evolve into two main opposite races - Mythil & Aldaren.

Traits & Relationships: both opposite races are hostile to each other - each race hunting down each other. The Mythil declaring themselves as the leaders of the planet (the self-righteous ones) and Aldaren hunting them down for blood & energy (for survival & revenge).

End of the homeplanet & Escape: The conflicts/wars happening between both races escalated eventually to the destruction of the planet as well as to the escape of both races into the deep space (due to their advancement of being capable of space travel).

New beginnings: after some time both races settled down on their new planets each located within different solar systems. The Mythil settled down on a large red planet (later to be called "Trinaris", the homeplanet of the Mythil), and the Aldaren settled down on different planet suitable for them (either on another tidally locked planet or on a planet far away from the local star).

Origin and separation of the Chantris

The Chantris, were at first identified as a minor social group within the Mythil society. Also as a nuisance to the other Mythil since unlike them they were known for their dislike for wars and violence. They were a pacifist social group focussed mostly on self-development and research. Due to constant oppression and persecution by the other Mythil for their pacifism the pre-Chantris group had to learn how to use ways how to protect themselves, and/or how to fight back.

Despite all hardships they've eventually evolved into their own subrace just like the other two subraces. From all three planetary subraces they've become the most knowledgable and used their knowledge to not just succesfully escape from the planet and their hostile warminded siblings, but the galaxy as well - with the use of a secret space tunnel (warp gate) leading to the Milky way galaxy. They've become the first subrace which had left the home planet way before the escalation of the conflicts and final destruction of the planet.

Safe from both Mythil & Aldaren the Chantris established a new home within the Milky Way galaxy - not too far away from Earth's solar system. Their new home planet received the name Chantre.


Not too long after the Mythil settled down on Trinaris they've declared ownership of not just the entire local solar system but also all nearby solar systems. Due to their warminded nature and imperialistic traits they've claimed several inhabited planets and resource planets for their own - creating a whole network of slave worlds. They've become space imperialists with the ambition to create a whole space empire with everyone kneeing only to them or to be eliminated if opposed to them. Besides that they've also acted like (self-righteous) crusaders i.e. "purifying" everything and everyone from anything which could be either "Aldaren" or "corrupt" (Yes, to them Aldaren was a synonym for corruption). After the discovery of the Aldaren solar system and home planet they've resumed their old battles with them and used most of the claimed resources from the other planets for that.

The Aldaren also claimed a big chunk of the close space and created their own empire. They too resumed their fights with the Mythil. Among other planets the draconian planet, home world to the draconian siblings, fell victim to the Aldaren and their dark leader.

The Chantris at the other hand were in the meantime busy with the exploration and research of the local solar system and nearby systems. The emperor's special interest became the Sun and later a young Earth/Terra too. The emperor would many times observe the Sun from his own solar system and praise its beauty. As the Chantris would further evolve, they later would become the guardians of the Sun's solar system and several other solar systems within the galaxy - at least until the Aldaren wouldn't find the space tunnel and find a way to the Milky Way galaxy too.. and internal problems within the Chantris society wouldn't arise due to that.

(Also it may be that during those peaceful times a group of beast&energy-trait Chantris explorers settled down on a planet which would later become the home planet of the Third Chantris subrace) - old home of En-Jay, Deithasar, etc.

Update: this "Third chantris subrace" would go by the name : Ecantris

Update 2: the Chantris would have several subraces spread across the galaxy.

Some more lore to the chantris and subraces

Environmental preference: arid deserts

Environmental preference: temperate biomes 🌢

Czentris (former T. Chantris):
Environmental preference: varied, adaptation to extreme environments possible

It's possible that at a certain time, in Terra's history, both the ruling ecantris and some guest chantris explorers would live at the same time on Terra. Not alongside eachother but the ecantris would occupy the temperate climate zones while the chantris would occupy the arid deserts (because that's their natural environment - Chantre is an arid desert world). Alternatively, both races could artificially create local environments suitable to their natural environment.

Sinardia and their influence on the early chantris

The sinardians are a peaceful spiritualist race who had a significant role in the separation of the chantris from the mythil race. During the time when both the mythil and aldaren were living on the tidally locked planet, the sinardians were recognized as a unwanted alien race / a nuisance. Many times the sinardians would show up before the pre-chantris and try to pass on their teachings on to them. The chantris would eventually accept these teachings and later would base their traditions and laws on them on their own planet. Even some ecantris would apply these teachings in their daily lives (ex. Judicator Sr., Aiden).

The Chantre Emperor's first son, Mirsea, becomes one day a representative of the chantris in the Chantre-Sinardian alliance. He also moves to the chantris embassy located on Sinardia.