Noblesse + Noblesse Reimagined (AU)

This page might contain headcannons, thoughts related to original Noblesse manhwa and to my own partial AU - Noblesse: Reimagined | Age of the Noblesse.

[I dislike Franken x Rai so much *insert GG/Negz gag* ;-; probably the worst BL ship ever (in my books) .. there is no way in hell someone would change my mind about that -_- ]

[Sorry to all Franken x Rai shippers thou ;-;]

Age of the Noblesse: Creation of Man (artwork)

This artwork basically shows how humans in the story were made - cca. 200K years ago, when the nobles still had their own technology they've created the modern man (homo sapiens) by fusing their own DNA with the DNA of the primitive man (neaderthals ?). The nobles at this timeperiod had scientifical knowledge - they were quite advanced, but due to many internal conficts and civil wars between various fractions (mostly pro-human & anti-human) they've lost almost all of their technology. At some point they had to start all over.

Also, the human man shown on this picture/cover is most likely Adam (the first created man). Raizel is there just due to my design choice xD - Yeah, 200K ago he probably wasn't even born.

Another thing (off-topic): I'm not buying the fact (according to the original lore) that nobles are supposed to be some kind of a godlike vampire race. Powerful vampires being worshipped as gods by humans lol - if anything, the nobles are much closer to the Annunaki aliens than to vampires.. Personally I think that either Hellsing or Code Vein did a much better job at showing a great story with powerful vampires. With Noblesse I feel like the vampire part is out of place / doesn't fit well - I rather like to imagine Noblesse's nobles as a fictional wannabe Annunaki race. Also, weren't the Annunaki described somewhere as a godlike alien species with vampiric features - i.e. pale skin with red eyes ? Or was it a different alien species ? *thinks*

Short sidenote: Code Vein became what I've always wished Noblesse to turn into but it never happened.. q-q (y'know giving more depth to the characters and lore + giving a better written story, not just adding tropes and characters just for the sake of being in there.. - even the anime adaptation crew did a better job at writing) - and that's why it became my Nr.1 vampire anime media (game in this case), with Hellsing being 2nd and Noblesse 3rd (I guess, even if I dislike the vampiric part of it). My top 3 vampire anime (media) chart visually:

  1. Code Vein - 10/10 masterpiece, amazing characters with sad backstories, them feels are too strong *forevercry* Louissss~ q-q (I wish Bandai Namco would make an anime to Code Vein, rn it exists only as a game and manga). Also CV seems a bit like a fusion between Hellsing and Noblesse *thinks* - Memory of the Lost music thoooo~ q-q so powerful~ *tears up inside* + the main theme which would perfectly work as a Noblesse intro, then VAMPS Underworld - CV has such great music
  2. Hellsing Ultimate + Original - 10/10 masterpiece, based on Bram Stoker's Dracula + WW2 stuff, awesome action scenes, awesome historical anime
  3. Noblesse - enjoyable, story is 7/10 - great, but not a masterpiece sadly IMO (I believe K-Pop ran it over like a high speed train and destroyed a lot of potentially good content in the process i.e. the creators have focussed too much on their work's popularity - hence the obvious and almost cringey fanservice).. dumb villains and with that a generic and boring "good vs. bad" conflict (dude, are we like 8 yrs old ?), too many plotholes and added stuff just for the sake of being there + too much attention to action scenes and bishounen fanservice, not enough lore / explanations (hence why this page is existing in the first place) - I'm not saying that my AU is going to be a masterpiece in any way, but hey - at least it will be a bit closer to what I've expected Noblesse to be + might give explanations to some OG plotholes. I have a feeling that maybe Noblesse was originally meant to turn into a BL manhwa with not much backstory anyway - but it gained huge popularity and the creators had to re-write the story to be more fitting - either that or as mentioned earlier, they've focussed too much on popularity - or both.

Anyway... sorry for shading Noblesse once again...

A short goofy scene after the creation of modern man:

An ancient noble scientist sees baby Adam for the first time.

AD: (looking at the tall scientist in front of him) Bubba bubbu~

NS: (staring at the first human baby for a long time in amazement and pride) Gosh, he's so adorable... I've never thought that the addition of our gene material would result in such a drastic change in appearance. He almost looks just like one of us.

Suddenly his project leader enters his lab.

PRL: Hey, stop slacking off at your job. We still have a lot of work to do.

The scientist snaps out of his day dreaming with a bit of annoyance and returns back to his work.

NS: Say leader, do we really have to use them as our workers ? I'm sure there could be a much better use of them for our race.

PRL: Such were the orders from our Lord, I'm afraid. He specifically ordered to create workers. You would have to consult that directly with him.

Another funny scene if Raizel and the ancient noble scientist were next to each other:

Raizel: (looking at present humans in amazement) Humans are remarkable.

NS: Indeed, afterall each of them holds a small amount of our genetic material embedded in their DNA. (Saying out in pride)

Raizel: (suddenly turns to the scientist in shock) Huh ?!

I wonder if one of Raizel's previous incarnations could have been as the ancient scientist, but then again he's a dummy when it comes to technology, so meh *shrug* - OR Would his current human life be his way of remembering stuff about his past self ??? And that's why he would be so amazed with technology and even hiring Frankenstein (a human scientist) as his servant ?? Also, wasn't Rai like the first ever noble in aons to have experience with (human) technology - i.e. him being tired of the constant indifference and noble rules in his life and seeking change ? Being different than everyone else from his society ? I mean, the thought of him once being a noble scientist and a great genetic engineer could actually be plausible when I think about it. And being the creator of mankind he would feel an inner responsibility for the mankind. (But then again his father also would have a feeling of responsibility towards humanity (esp. during the atlantean period), so idk.. The Noblesse trend could have been initially started by the noble scientist (Rai's past self) though - that would make sense.

Major hdc: Could Raizel actually BE the noble scientist from cca. 300-200K years ago who created Adam and Eve ?? (them being prototypes and blueprints for the creation of more humans)

I wonder if Raizel could meet with his past self on some kind of deep trance? / mind level ? That would be cool though xD

More artwork

(lol, Adam looks a bit like a younger Frankenstein xD - who knows, maybe Frank was Adam in a previous life)

Noblesse [salt warning]

Gosh.. why is it that this series ended up influencing me so much to the point that I just can't drop it anymore, no matter how I try.. this freaking series which seems like it's in a Schoedinger's box where it it's amazing and horrible at the same time. And what's even better, the author plans on releasing a sequel to the original manhwa. When that's going to happen nobody knows, but idk if I should be happy or pissed about it..

Kinda IMO Noblesse is a series which I wish it wouldn't have any more future sequels, just the anime adaptation (which is suprisingly good despite it's inaccuracies compared to the manhwa). Unless the manhwa sequel tells us more about Raizel/Frankenstein and their background stories, I'm not going to read it. For real. If it's going to end up being a series about the RK minus Regis only again or Lukedonia's clan leaders with zero to none backstory to Raizel, his older brother or Frankenstein, I might not be bothered to read it.

I might just end up reading the synopsises for each new chapter on wikia instead and only read the interesting chapters (like I did after chap. 400 of the original).

Confession: in reality the universe of ─Éesiderium (or OC-verse) is quite heavily based on Noblesse, esp. the Chantre race (which initially was an alien noble race from where the Lukedonian nobles came from, i.e. descented on Earth. But that changed for the most part over the years..). Hell.., even Ishadis was originally created as a fanon character and as Rai's.. *ahem* father. (yea, ik xD) but that changed and he's now an independend OC in his own universe.

Rai's brother: "I wouldn't complain to have him in the family. We seem to share a similar opinion on humans."

Me: "Umm.."

Rai: *sigh*

Honestly, why couldn't Rai's brother receive a similar character development thing towards humans just like Sesshoumaru from InuYasha. Like, I'm not saying he's supposed to like them just like Rai, but maybe he could have gradually build up some kind of tolerance towards certain humans (or perhaps he once liked humans, but later he changed his view on them for some reason idk). It was just dumb to kill him off like that, only because of a certain flawed views on humans and the Bloodstone. Missed potential I suppose but what do you expect from a series which story has more plotholes than a swiss cheese.

Noblesse Reimagined (partial AU)

A short comic which I did in regards to the relationship between Asriel, his father (Rai's older brother) and uncle (Raizel).

Noblesse Reimagined (partial AU)

Both Noblesse brothers are sitting in a living room drinking tea, but the atmosphere between them is tense. Asriel is in the same room looking at them, worried.

Asriel: (Please not again...) *sweats*

Rai's brother: "Cadis Etrama di Raizel, I'm not appreciating that you're trying to influence my son into liking humans and convert him to one of your followers." *stares at Rai*

Rai: "Asriel made this decision on his own. There is nothing wrong to like humans."

Noblesse (thoughts) + AU headcannons (Reimagined)

Summary on the traitors:

From what it seems Edian, and Lagus might have been older traitors who were around the time when the civil war between the two brothers broke out. From the other nobles maybe Gejutel and a young Raskreia could have been around as well (actually, Raskreia heard from her father about the Bloodstone so she might not have been present at that time).

Nobles which were/might have been around when the civil war happened:

  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel
  • Raizels brother
  • Lagus Tradio(old dude obviously)
  • Gejutel K. Landegre (old as well)
  • Edian Drosia
  • The Previous Lord

Nobles which might have been able to recognize/remember Asriel (if he were in the cannon):

  • Cadis Etrama di Raizel - family, obviously
  • The Previous Lord - obviously, he would have cared about Rai's family
  • Lagus Tradio - he would not just recognize him but also try to convince him to join him.
  • Gejutel K. Landegre (he might have either heard of him from the PL or barely remembers him)
  • Edian Drosia (without the drug)

If several younger nobles barely recognized Rai, recognizing someone else from his family (who even went missing after the civil war) would be nearly impossible or hard for older nobles like Gejutel. Only a few nobles would have been able to recognize Asriel.

Raizels brother, at an earlier time before going into a battle with Rai, could have told his wife that if he were to lose the war she would have to take his place as the leader of his remaining followers and take their son Asriel away from Lukedonia. (I guess) or maybe that backup plan could have been thought out by his wife instead - she could have been told by Lagus to do that, for a future revenge on Raizel and to aid his own agenda to obtain the Bloodstone).

There might be two scenarios how the backup plan for the traitor survivors could have been thought up:

  • It was thought up by Rai's brother in case he would fail.
  • Lagus could have thought up that plan and told Rai's brother's wife about it, again in case her husband would lose to Raizel.

Either way, in the end, after Rai's brother execution, Asriel (unconcious), his mother and a group of a few surviving followers would have escaped Lukedonia and settled down on a distant island (safer but harder to reach), or near a forest in the human world (where they would have build their own fortress/palace or whatever).

For tousands of years this group could been living in that area of the human world, and could have received distant assistance from Lagus to ensure their safety and anonymity (he would have connections to the human world). All this would go on until Asriel would have grown strong enough to oppose and defeat his mother and some of the remaining followers. (Lagus kept the wrongdoings of the followers and Asriel's mother hidden from the palace, until the moment she was defeated by her son and an energy wave created by Asriel was spotted by the palace. To keep his own true intentions hidden Lagus couldn't assist the followers in this case). The wife and a few followers were captured by Lukedonia's clan leaders and shortly after executed by the lord (Raskreia). A few other followers (just like Asriel and his new human companion) managed to escape further into the human world before the clan leaders have arrived. -- at that time Raskreia believed that Raizel is a traitor too, so it's possible she wouldn't have shown mercy towards Asriel as well, leading the human companion to the belief that it would be safer for Asriel not to get captured by the clan leaders.

The few remaining followers could have later joined up with Lagus, Gradeus and Edian, after they left Lukedonia themselves, or some of them could have their own secret groups in the human world (could become cult leaders and being worshipped by humans). The followers could have betrayed Asriels mother and left her to the clan leaders to take care of her (maybe they've had some beef with her, didn't appreciate her as much as her husband).

Asriel would be lead further into the human world by his human companion, and future adoptive father. Knowing too well what kind of psychological torture Asriel had to endure by his mother and her followers, he had thought that it would be better if the kid would stay hidden in the human world and recover. He also was worried about the rumors that the current lord (Raskreia) could have punished him as well for what he might have done during the time he was with his mother.

Most of the informations about Lukedonia could have come either direcly through Lagus or via some of his clan members or messengers sent to the fortress to inform Asriel's mother and the followers.

Noblesse Reimagined (AU) - more ideas
This AU, rather than being a story about Rai & Co. again would focus more on Asriels life instead - up to the point until he would meet up with his uncle and other Lukedonian nobles again. Rai and Co. would play a secondary role in this AU. Backstory would be given to Rai's brother and what position he had during his lifetime in the Lukedonian and human society.

Looking back at the real world Sumerian Epic, Raizel and his brother kinda remind me of Enki and Enlil. One brother (in Noblesse the older one) sees humans only as slaves to the nobles, while the other one (Rai) sees them as a species in the need of help. The older brother rules over humans with an iron fist, demanding obedience (or else he would punish them with natural disasters), and the younger one is fighting for the freedom of mankind.

Honestly, I can imagine Rai's brother as the well known IRL biblical god, who would punish mankind for disobedience, and who would be the one behind the creation of big floods which have destroyed many human civilizations back then. And perhaps he wouldn't be the only one, maybe even Rai's parents and Lukedonian nobles at that time would all share the same thoughts about mankind (which would later change with PL coming to power).

The origins of the Noblesse
Rai would be the first one of his bloodline to openly fight for the freedom and independence of humans (similarly to Enki) - hence he would be the first and only Noblesse, the strongest noble who would be different than anyone before him who would openly stand up for humans. So being the highest ranking and strongest noble wouldn't be enough to be a Noblesse (without the mindset to protect the weak) - and that's where Rai would differ from the rest of his clan, since everyone else would live according to the dying old (human oppressing) mindset - or Enlil's mindset (Sumerian Epic).

The Lukedonian civil war could have been a cutting point between two different noble time periods - the old era, where when it was normal for Lukedonian nobles to be controlling and oppressing humans (demanding obedience from them, etc.), and the Age of the Noblesse, where Lukedonian nobles would no longer interfere into human lives and mankind would be given freedom and independence. During the old age Lukedonia could have had satellite settlements in different parts of the outside human world (for better human control). Those satellites would later be destroyed by younger nobles (maybe PL, Rai or their followers), limiting the noble presence solely to Lukedonia.

In a newer headcannon I have an idea, that a very young Raizel could visit Atlantis one day, before a meteor (or war) would have destroyed it sinking to the ocean floor. Maybe even he would have witnessed a couple of natural disasters in his lifetime which were documented by the modern society in history books - some disasters created by his own family as a punishment for human disobedience, and other astronomical ones (like meteors - some of which could have been destroyed his family or/and the PL). This would answer the question why his family consisting of the strongest nobles was needed, because - honestly, why would Lukedonia have the need to be protected ? Against whom ? Why would they need the 'Noblesse' to protect them ? To protect them against Werewolves ? Against corrupted traitors which couldn't resist the allure of the Bloodstone ? Maybe, who knows. Personally it would make more sense if the real threat for which the Noblesse's family was required was to defend the Earth against astronomical objects posing a threat not only to them but also everything alive on Earth's surface.

(Another cool thing would be if I could throw terms like Nephilim, Seraphim, etc. in my AU - describing the Lukedonians, Rai and his family etc., Yeah, that would be really cool, but idk if that could be implemented tho lol xD) Who knows, maybe Rai's ancestors were actual Seraphim (godlike six-winged beings.) Like, one day either Raizel or his brother would have taken Asriel into the underground shrine telling him about the past of his family, about his ancestors and their relationships to the Lord, other Lukedonians and humans, showing him their respective statues etc.

There are so many plotholes in the original, including the bridge that was build between Lukedonia and the human world (which appeared in the OVA Beginning of Destruction) which was n e v e r addressed in the series, never. Like, c'mon... there's so much left unanswered and which could potentially be interesting. Are y'all really leaving everything to the fanbase to make fictions of it ?

(Anyways, back to the headcannons) The original story of the Noblesse/nobles is that humans would turn to them in times of need, and they would respond to their calls helping them out of their dire situations for which humans would often glorify them as gods. From that it looks like the Noblesse/nobles were described as a neutral species not interested nor interfering into human affairs, and they would only respond to human calls if it meant helping them.

My take on that: Lukedonia wasn't always like that. There could have been a timeperiod in human/noble history, many-many tens of tousands of years ago, when Lukedonia was way more invested into human lives and with a desire to control them - before PL and Raizel came to power. During that times when the human civilization was young, Lukedonia could have had a much bigger influence in the human world, perhaps even living alongside humans. Raizel's parents / his brother and even the Lord which came before the PL could have demanded obedience from mankind in return for their own safety (to be protected against natural disasters which were common in that timeperiod). The old nobles could have declared themselves as gods and humans would be treated by them as their servants/slaves, an inferior worker species to their own kind [similar to the Sumerian Annunaki]. Raizel and PL, both growing up in such a cruel period and seeing innocent lives being taken by their own kind would later put an end to the old regime and disconnect Lukedonia from the human world/affairs. A new age would emerge which could have the name: The Age of the Noblesse, where Lukedonia would only interfere in human affairs only on human demand.

While a new age would emerged after Raizel's and PL's rise to power, the previous mindset would still persist in the minds of the Lukedonian society even tens of tousands of years after up to Raskreia's regime, where lower nobles would still have difficulties to fully accept humans as independend beings (many lower nobles - just as the young traitors/ex-clan-leaders - would still look down upon humans).

Honestly, all the headcannons I'm writing over here about the more distant history of Lukedonia could be put together into something called: (Noblesse AU) The untold history of Lukedonia and early mankind.
The lost city of Atlantis

Headcannon regarding Raizel's brother and Atlantis:

Long ago, about 13.000 years (or 30.000 years, depending when Atlantis was build), when Raizel's brother and PL were younger (teen probs), a majestic city was build in the Atlantic ocean - today known as the mythological city called Atlantis. Both humans and nobles would live alongside each other peacefully (in the beginning). PL and Rai's brother would often visit this place, admiring it's beauty etc. Rai at that time would be younger than his brother (probs like a 5-7 yrs old kid). His brother would later take him to Atlantis too (with the parent's approval).

The city of Atlantis and it's destruction would be the one thing which would change Rai's brother from someone who used to like human to a human-hater.
(Yea, he would deeply care about Atlantis and it's downfall would greatly upset him) Being a few thousands of years older by then, Rai's brother could also been tasked by Lukedonias PPL to destroy Atlantis and it's corrupted civilization (which in the meanwhile would begin to arm themselves against Lukedonia with their more developed technology -weapons etc.)

Also one thing:

After Rai's brother would tell to his father about the 'majestic human city' he would notice a slight indifference in his behaviour - like he would already know everything about the city and what his son would tell him wouldn't surprise him that much. The unspoken truth would be that Rai's father would not only have already known about Atlantis, but also would monitor everything going on there to ensure the noble's safety. (He would have already witnessed a few falls of human civilizations before, hence he would be much more careful.) Often RB would be wondering why his father would be that much indifferent and so careful with his words.

"Plato told the story of Atlantis around 360 B.C. The founders of Atlantis, he said, were half god and half human." (National Geographic) - hmm, demigods ? Perhaps in this case, the founders of Atlantis really could have been highly developed humans (half-humans) as well as Lukedonia's nobles. I believe that the majority of the atlantian population would consist of humans though. Half-humans and nobles would be a minority.

"Nobles act as the invisible guardians of humanity, nurturing their evolution and protecting them from predators and natural forces" (Noblesse Forever website)

Theoretically, if a human evolution would go wrong - like when humans, with their technological advancement would become morally corrupt, similarly to Atlantis and the modern era, and therefore would pose an actual threat to the balance of the world - wouldn't it become the responsibility of the True Noblesse to destroy that corrupted civilization, safe for a few not corrupted humans whose lives would be preserved to seed a new civilization (Noah's ark) ? (HDC - what if it were either The Noblesse or other nobles who would use their mind control abilities to alert a few morally pure chosen humans about the cataclysms which were about to happen - to be executed by The Noblesse as a punishment to humanity for taking the wrong path in evolution - for taking the self-destructive path)

What I want to say - nurturing human evolution wouldn't be an easy task, sometimes human civilizations could take the self-serving and destructive path which would not only lead to it's own destruction but also disturb the balance of the world.

Actually, to be more accurate, there wasn't a previous instance when a human civilization would take the wrong path before Atlantis (unless Mu's/Lemuria's civilization became corrupt as well). Mu was supposedly the first place where humans had appeared after their banishment from E.DIN/Eden, ca. 75.000 years ago, and the cause of it's destruction was a natural disaster, not human corruption.
Atlantis could have actually be the first real instance where nobles could have had the opportunity to see humanity's dark side (other than the banishment from E.DIN/Eden which supposedly happened about 100.000 year ago).

Sidenote: it's mandatory to mention that the Bloodstone was created by countless altantean desires over a long time before it led the civilization to it's downfall.

In the OG story I feel like it's being depicted (mostly from Rai's POV) that humans are innocent weak beings that need to be protected. But when it comes to his brother I'm starting to feel like that he actually could have had more knowledge about human civilizations and evolution taking the wrong path. He could have witnessed it with his own eyes with the fall of Atlantis - maybe even Rai's and RB's parents were educated about the dark side of human evolution.
(not Lemuria, because the legends say that it was only destroyed by a natural cataclysm while the humans were still morally pure.)

In nutshell:

Nobles were a powerful species acting as the invisible guardians of humanity, nurturing their evolution and maintaining the balance of the world.


What if the humans, whom nobles were trying to protect, would take the wrong path in their evolutionary development and turn against their protectors ?

cca. 13.000 years ago:

Previous Noblesse: (upset) "They (atlantians) need to be removed from the surface of this world."

To fit to my current narrative, would it be safe to assume that PL and Raizel's brother could have been around 15.000 years old (maybe even older, i.e. about 25.000 years old, since he probs witnessed Atlantis in it's early peaceful stage). Raizel could be about 10-15.000 years old (?)

The previous Noblesse would have either entered eternal sleep after passing their powers to Raizel, or the events of Atlantis would lead to their earlier eternal sleep.

The downfall of a corrupted advanced human civilization would have lead the previous Noblesse (and maybe even the PPL too) to an earlier eternal sleep due to the massive amount of power they would have to use to protect Lukedonia and to maintain the balance of the world.

"Long ago, before the current human civilization was seeded, an advanced human civilization existed on the surface of this world."

Rai's brother & Atlantis

According to my HDCs and AU, the reason for Rai's brother's hatred towards humanity would be (as already mentioned) due to fall of the atlantian civilization which he originally used to care about. From the atlantian civilization he would have learned about the dark side of humanity.

RB originally used to be a noble caring about humanity, being supportive of it's development etc., but the destruction of Atlantis would have changed him. On the top of that the passing of the previous Noblesse shortly after the cataclysm would have upset him even more. Since then, RB would feel resentment and disappointment towards humanity, which would no longer seem him to be fit as the Noblesse's successor - hence Raizel would have to become the next Noblesse. Unlike his older brother, Raizel would have get to know about Atlantis mostly from his brother's or previous Noblesse's stories. So yea, due to his young age Raizel probably didn't visit Atlantis. (idk, it still just a thought xD)

RB: (What's the purpose of caring for a species which is unable to learn from it's past mistakes, leading to their self-destruction.)

It's depressing, right ?

RB probs lost his faith in humanity after that (+ knowing that this probably wasn't the first time when a human civilization had end this way.) Early Atlantis gave him faith, that humanity isn't destined to self-destruction.

RB: "If humanity is destined for repeated self-destruction, then I might as well give them a hand.."

The Union & the lost technology from Atlantis (+ Frankenstein & the 1st elder)

What if the Union (esp. the first elder) had a secret goal to regain mankind's lost technology, which originated in Atlantis, and use it to gain control over the world - eliminating all nobles (basically to continue where the atlantians have failed).

What if Frankenstein also had a goal to retrieve this lost technology (hence why he could have joined the Union) and use it either for his own personal studies/development (to write the well known journal), and/or to teach humanity about it once again (this would also explain why he had chosen to become a teacher in the modern era - besides giving his master a place where he could experience a 'normal life'). [massive hdc] - maybe his (and the 1st's elder's) family could have had previous ties to Atlantis (!) (they could have been survivors from the cataclysm), and he could have been one of the few people - if not the only human in the modern era - who could read these ancient atlantian texts about the lost technology.

Compared to the Union, Frankenstein would have been much more successful in the retrieval of the lost technology.

In short - both Frankenstein and the first elder (+ maybe other human elders as well) could have a secret goal to retrieve the lost technology of Atlantis and use it either for their own personal motives or to help mankind reach the technological level they've once had thousands of years ago. The issue here though - the human elders would have to keep those plans secret from their noble allies (Roctis, Urokai, Zarga, Ignes) because once they would have found out about it I'm sure they would have turned against the Union (since it would involve their destruction as well, not just Lukedonia). The first elder would have to lie to them and ensure them that this plan would only affect Lukedonia and their government.

The Union's hidden plan (unknown to their noble allies) would be to eliminate the entire noble presence from the surface of the Earth and declare themselves as the summit of the world. After success, their noble allies would either be removed as well or enslaved for lifetime. After the elimination of the noble presence the Union would move on to the werewolves as well.

The irony: ex-lukedonian traitors being betrayed by their new human allies. They would get to have a taste of their own medicine (aka karma).

Also, this could a great opportunity for Asriel (aka Rai's nephew; the great leader's son) to jump into action. Knowing about the untold history of Lukedonia and Atlantis from his father's archives / journals, etc., he could see through the Union's / first elder's actions. Asriel's secret goal could be to destroy the Union from within - by telling the traitors about the Union's real plans with them (and perhaps giving them a second chance to change themselves).
Not sure though if Raizel would be able to forgive them what they've done to Ashleen, or Raskreia for their treachery. It's possible that the noble traitors could turn against the Union, but I think that in the end they probably would join either Lagus Tradio or Maduke, or they would create their own faction. But in the end it would weaken the Union though.

Hold on, apparently Maduke was an elder too, the 2nd one. Soo, let's say that if the first elder had a secret plan to eliminate all werewolves from the surface as well (including his werewolf allies). After the rumors from Asriel would begin to spread within the Union it would cause a disruption.

Now the big question - who or what could have destroyed Atlantis ?

  • A meteorite
  • A powerful atlantian device which malfunctioned (electro-magnetic?)
  • The previous True Noblesse

Discovery of the Bloodstone & the atlantean downfall

Here's a recent interesting headcannon which might need further polishing:

What if the well known Bloodstone from the OG story was originally discovered/ (un-)intentionally created by the atlantean civilization, way before Edian Drosia was tasked by RB to find it - which would also later lead to the atlantean downfall ? ~ y'know, the Bloodstone was supposedly created from countless desires over the span of many years (~~ which could have been the countless atlantean desires for greater knowledge and power). This Bloodstone (a much bigger version of it / or several Bloodstones) could have corrupted the minds of the atlanteans, eventually leading to their own destruction.

The essence of this fallen civilization would be materialized into the Bloodstone (multiple bloodstones)

(LOL, the more I dive deeper into the atlantean rabbit-hole the more I find possible parallels/connections to Noblesse xD)

I mean, c'mon xD, let's look at this: the Bloodstone apparently has the ability to corrupt everyone's minds (with the exception of Raizel) and turn them into power-seeking monsters. Didn't something similar supposedly happen to the atlantean civilization ?? To me it sounds like a Bloodstone could have been at work (for real).. One day a Bloodstone appeared and was discovered by a peaceful civilization and shortly after the the atlanteans have become corrupted power-seeking beings. And with this theory it maybe wouldn't be even needed to have a technologically advanced civilization to fight the nobles since millions of corrupted people by bloodstones could pose a significant threat to Lukedonia. With the technological advancement and a strong military at the top of it I could see that defeating the late atlanteans couldn't have been an easy task for either the previous Noblesse nor the PPL or anyone else from Lukedonia.

New information on Atlantis

Apparently the early atlanteans were known to use crystals for healing and empowerment, but later (due to the influence of negatively oriented orions) they began to use their healing/empowerment crystals for other malicious purposes. (channeled by Sam the Illusionist - 23.03.21)

Dudee~, I'm calling it. The Bloodstone is/could be a remnant of a previous atlantean technology xD It falls so well into place. (And maybe the Dark Spear also was created similarly/according to this old technology by the Union - by materializing the enormous torment and anquish inflicted on a large number of humans)

(And yeah, I know, I know - the channeled information are supposed to be actual real life stuff, but still... xD it's fun to create somewhat valid headcannons ^^; and btw. Noblesse is somewhat based on real stuff too)

Perhaps the Bloodstone was originally created as a (maybe larger) healing/empowerment stone by the atlanteans and later would either be repurposed as a negative empowerment stone, or would gradually become corrupted with the downfall of Atlantis. Maybe, in an attempt to help the atlanteans, Edian Drosia or an older family member of hers, could have taken the corrupted Bloodstone away from Atlantis and secured it somewhere on Lukedonia. Well.. maybe it really could have been an older family member since Edian in the OG series doesn't seem to fully understand the real problem with this cursed red crystal. She just gave the stone to RB in belief that it would help Raizel somehow. Would Edian actually be told by her family how dangerous the crystal can get ? Or perhaps she could underestimate it's effects on nobles - since the crystal was originally created in a human settlement / by humans.

Supposedly, during the destruction of Atlantis, Earth's magnetic field had weakened to the point that UV radiation from the sun caused a mass extinction of many mammal species ~ could it have been possible that a clash between The previous Noblesse (+ The PPL) and atlantean's powerful weapons could have caused a disruption in Earth's magnetic field, eventually leading to a pole reversal ?

Just a sidenote: Atlantis was supposedly governed by a god? named Atlas, also called by the title - King of Atlantis. Atlas was the first king of Atlantis.

[ Seriously, this name is reminding me of No man's sky xD ]

Two sides of an old noble race (ca. 200K years ago)

I have a theory that way before the human banishment from E.DIN/Eden and the creation of Mu/Lemuria took place, the early humans have once lived in enslavement of a pre-noble race (noble ancestors). During the liberation of humanity the pre-noble race would divide itself into two fractions:

  • "Enki's" followers - a fraction consisting of pre-nobles fighting for the liberation of humanity, later to become the already known Lukedonian nobles.
  • "Enlil's" followers - a fraction consisting of human oppresors, which would later mysteriously disappear from the surface of the Earth.

Note: the actual names of the dominant pre-nobles for each fraction would be unknown, hence why I've put the names of the sumerian gods in quotes (to draw a parallel between the current nobles and the sumerian gods/Annunaki). They would have different names for which they would've been known in the pre-noble society.

Despite the separation of both fractions and the disappearence of the human oppresors, the "Enlil"-paradigm would still silently remain deeply engraved in the minds of the human liberation's fraction to this day i.e. it still can be seen in the late Lukedonian society (Lukedonian civil war, noble traitors, looking down on humanity etc.) - the old paradigm never truly disappeared from minds of the Lukedonian noble society.

The interesting part here is that both sumerian gods Enki and Enlil were brothers - kinda like Raizel and his brother hundreds of thousands of years later. History truly repeats itself, LOL xD

Ancient pre-nobles vs. current lukedonian nobles

The ancient pre-nobles from ca. 200K+ years ago were much more powerful beings compared to today's lukedonian nobles. Even the previous True Noblesse was way more powerful compared to their son Raizel, due to the fact that their powers have been split between two children - RB and Raizel. It's possible that the previous Noblesse had more blood wings and their powers could have caused a disturbance in Earth's own energy fields.

My theory is that the previous Noblesse was RB's and Raizel's father. Both children's mother was a half-human/half-noble or a quarter-human/three-quarter noble. (Can't use pure human because then RB would basically fight against his own mother as well -_-;).

The current Lukedonian society consist mostly of quarter-nobles or less, or half-noble demigods (in case of clan-leaders). PL, Raizel, RB (and perhaps even Raskreia) could be three-quarter nobles / or quarter-humans. Raizel's and RB's father would be a pure (ancient) noble, which much greater powers than anyone else from his race and a much longer lifespan (maybe even 75K-150K years). RB and Raizel as quarter-humans could have a lifespan of 50-75K years, and so on...

[ I'm surprised that Lukedonia's demology was never truly explained in the OG story, i.e. why other people (like for example in the Central Order), besides the clan-leaders and their families, plus regular nobles, Lord's bloodline or Raizel's bloodline, weren't nobles at all (y'know, they didn't have classic noble features) ? They seemed more - human-like with human features ?? Seriously, it boggled my mind for a long time. Hopefully this headcannon will explain it. ]

The Central Order members possess mind-control abilities (!!).

.. Dude, I'm calling it. They are quarter-nobles. For real.

(Or humans contracted with nobles) - would that be real though ??

(or atlantean survivors o_o;)

Here's a picture of RB's supposed followers who apparently weren't nobles either (I believe that his noble followers already evaporized by that point). They probably were all led by RB's noble followers as underlings:

Post-atlantean theories & new Lukedonian laws

After the destruction of Atlantis it could have been possible, that the Lukedonian nobles ca. 13K years ago tried to re-create a new human civilization consisting of the atlantean survivors (who have lost all their previous memories and technology) - again nurturing their evolution, acting as their invisible guardians (a per new laws), etc. Not sure though if the nobles would be the ones trying to teach the fallen humans about their history again - that's a bit questionable. Or maybe they would, and humans would write legends about their teachings and noble deeds.

Lukedonia Island & Atlantis

[massive headcannon/theory]

Lukedonia, the island of nobles, is according to the OG lore located inside the Bermuda triangle, in the Atlantic ocean.

My headcannon - What if~ Lukedonia (or the region of it) wasn't previously known as an island before, but as an atlantean mountain ?! (before the destruction of Atlantis and the floods have happened) - Instead of being an island it could have been known as Mt. Lukedonia or something - as a residence of the noble race / noble gods a bit like Olympus? from the greek mythology. Or it could have been a mountain where noble and a few atlantean survivors have fled before the cataclysm happenned ? After the cataclysm Lukedonia as we known it today would be formed (and rules would be put into place to isolate the island from the rest of the world + an energy field would be put into place to make Lukedonia undetectable by humans. Btw. atlanteans would have used energy fields for their own regions as well - they probably would have learned about this technology from the nobles and would improve it over time).

Another headcannon regarding Raizel:

What if a very young Rai (a few hundreds years old child), together with his family, used to live with the atlanteans for a short while - experience Atlantis's beauties and a peaceful life alongside humans - hence why he would have kept a deep liking for humans to this day - an inner desire to experience this kind of life again.

The cataclysm would have strenghten his will to protect humanity as the next Noblesse. After cca. 15-13.000 years, in the modern era (or even the time before his hibernation), Raizel would have forgotten most of what happened in his early childhood, but his desire to live alongside humans would still keep on living deep in his soul (if only subconsciously).

Lukedonia (or nobles in general) would have suffered significant loses during the atlantean war and they would create an uprising in the noble society to destroy humanity (as a symbol of revenge for their falled people). After that cataclysm not even Lukedonia would have wanted to spread any more information regarding Atlantis to prevent further uprisings against humanity. Most of the information about this timeperiod would have been kept inside a secret library beneath Lord's palace (or RB's personal hidden archives).

In short: speaking of Atlantis would have been considered tabu in the Lukedonian society - not because of the Lord or anyone from the elites, but rather to prevent any unnecessary hatred towards humanity - esp. now that humans had to rebuild everything all over again and they no longer had the abilities they once had. Still, despite those rules some nobles, even after thousands of years, kept some degree of hatred or resentment towards humans (conscious or subconscious).

The previous lord sure would have had a hell of work to do to calm the angry nobles down.. If it wouldn't be for previous lord's diplomatic skills the outcome would probably have lead to the destruction of humanity. Perhaps he even would have had a speech - a speech where he would have mentioned the fact that both nobles and humans have done their own mistakes which eventually have lead to the situation they would had at hand.

Actually, both sides have done their own mistakes during that timeperiod. Nobles were a bit more open with humans during the atlantean period (since both races lived alongside each other) - it was this "openess" with humans which initially sparked the whole conflict which lead to the downfall. Humans wanted to know more about their origins and once they've gotten their answers some of them even began to look down upon nobles / their protectors. They've become so technologically advanced and confident with their own abilities that they've no longer felt the need to be protected by their protectors (nobles were no longer considered as their gods). That's the reason why the late atlantean elites would have come up with a plan to take up the noble's place as the summit of the world and eliminate them all from the surface of the Earth - including the Noblesse. It also could have been a possibility that before the whole conflict began some noble traitors told the human elites lies about their origin, that the noble elites can't be trusted and that they don't want the humans to be independent (much like the oppressor's fraction thinks). Humans would have acted upon those lies.

Assumed location of Lukedonia

According to this map Lukedonia would be located somewhere on the Pliades islands.

Map of Lukedonia

(Seriously thou.. why is Lukedonia shaped like that o_O ? It almost looks like an artificial island than a natural one.. or is it the energy field* doing that ?)

Coincidence ? I think not~ xD

(Not sure thought why I haven't noticed it before - that Lukedonia appears to be very close to the assumed region of Atlantis.)

Also.. one more thing to think about:

Where did Raizel spend most of his 820 yrs hibernation ? - underwater, on the ocean floor.

Where did Atlantis sink after it's destruction ? to the ocean floor.

Possible parallels ? ;)

The Previous Lord

The Previous Lord (of Lukedonia)

While the actual age of PL was never revealed it might be possible that compared to Raizel or RB he's the older one (it's just a speculation though).
If this speculation is true then according to my headcannons he might as well be cca. 15.000-25.000 years old.

He could have been already around when Atlantis was founded, or a bit later during the civilization's early stages. Compared to Raizel or RB he could have most knowledge of this place and it's people (and maybe he could understand them much better than other nobles).

During and after the atlantean war it would be him (+ Gejutel and a few others) who would have to calm the enraged nobles down - not to take out their anger and frustration on the defeated atlanteans/humans.

Noblesse AU Ideas

With a lot about the connection between Atlantis and Lukedonia now being said, let's come up with some story ideas based on these headcannons.

First I think that besides modern humans, nobles and werewolves there could exist another "race" consisting of the atlantean survivors - with some of them being the so called Ascended masters - atlanteans who had kept their memories and abilities even after the cataclysm / atlantean wars. One of them being a woman named Lana / or Nara. (might work a bit more on the final name for her).

Those survivors and Ascended masters would reside inside their own hidden residences (one of them being Antarctica).

After Raizel's awakening from his 820 year slumber, Lana and a few other Ascended masters would approach Raizel with an request to give them the Bloodstone (also once known as an atlantean healing/empowerment stone) so it could be purified from the accumulated negative energies by them. She also would warn/remind Raizel of the possibility that the Bloodstone, if taken and used by the wrong people, could cause a lot of destruction. Ever since the downfall of Atlantis Lana tried to reach either the Previous Lord or Raizel because of the Bloodstone (which probably was taken by Edian Drosia or her family before Lana herself could get it). She would explain to Raizel in the modern era that she couldn't get any contact due to a communication disruption caused by the active energy field shielding the island of Lukedonia.

Lana would also be known as a reliable noble ally during the atlantean-lukedonian conflict. She would be using her telepathic abilities to either reach the Previous Lord or Raizel (or the Previous Noblesse) with a message/quick warning if anything of concern should be happening in a very near future (like an upcoming war).

Besides all of that, Lana would also be like a childhood friend to Raizel - or maybe more like a good hearted "auntie" who would be more than happy to guide a child Raizel around the capital of Atlantis, showing him the wonders and beauty's of her homeland. Lana would be trusted enough by the Previous Noblesse to actually educate/entertain his youngest son - i.e. (in his words) he would give permission to Lana to educate his son about Atlantis (maybe even RB if he wanted to).

It would be those moments which would strenghten Raizel's feelings towards humans and his desire to life alongside them.

Btw. Lana would be probably as old as RB - i.e. cca. 15.000 years old. Before the fall of Atlantis she would have become an Ascended master herself. There is also an possibility that she could be a relative of the atlantean king/ruler (daughter probs idk).

On her visual appearance: Lana would have long white hair, (glowing) cyan/aqua eyes, a tan skintone, a smaller/thinner body and wearing either casual atlantean clothes or (in the modern era) a long white hooded robe covering her body and mouth. She also could have glowing cyan marks/symbols on her body as a sign of her ascension.

(to answer one weird question in my mind: No, I'm not going to ship Lana and Rai -_-; she's like way older that him, c'mon..)

Aftermath of the war + Asriel and the Union:

Ever since the downfall of Atlantis, she and other atlantean survivors who haven't lost their memories or abilites would be acting as humanity's other (invisible and visible) guardians and mentors, besides the nobles. Being a more advanced human species with a lot more understanding (and experience) towards their own now weakened race would put them in the first position to help them before the nobles - they would be much more active in helping humans, teaching them everything from scratch, etc.. - they would be the ones in the first line to help their own weakened species.

More over, her and her group's service to humanity would be much more needed in the coming few hundreds/thousands of years since the destruction of Atlantis until the tension and hatred towards humans in the noble society would fade away, at least a bit (until the noble society would put their sh*t together so to say lol). The reason being that most nobles would refuse to help humanity. Only limited external support would/could be provided by the Previous Lord (including Raizel and Gejutel) despite long and exhausting discussions in the palace - the rest would have to be done by Lana and her group.

Despite limited support provided by the nobles, the creation of a new civilization would be a success - i.e. both Raizel, other nobles and Lana's group would succeed at the (re)creation of the currently known "modern man" civilization. Since then Lana and her group would operate in the background of the world scene, just like the nobles.

Some time would pass (thousands of years). The new human civilization would continue to evolve. Order would be again restored on Lukedonia (for the most part) and the ascended atlanteans would continue to act as humanity's mentors/guides (some of them maybe would even be worshipped as humanity's gods or demigods). At an unknown time, at a well hidden and protected location, the atlanteans would create a large glowing memorial stone (obelisk or something like that) for the atlanteans to pay respect for the fallen people of the lukedonian-atlantean war - a memorial stone for both nobles and atlanteans to remember the biggest war that ever happened between humans and nobles. The stone would also serve as a peace sign and a sign of respect made by the atlateans to the nobles. The memorial stone would be made inside a well hidden temple underneath the antarctican surface (or a different hard to access location).

The atlantean war cca. 10K years ago not only would have a significant toll on the number of non-pureblooded nobles but also pureblooded nobles/clan leaders included - which would lead to the decimation of many noble clans, shrinking the number of all existing clans to more than a half of it's total number before the war - before the war there could have been like 30+ clans. The latest lukedonian civil war lead by RB could have decimated the number of all clans a little bit more until only 13 of them would survive in the end.

One common argument that the Previous Lord would use to defend humanity in the eyes of the enraged nobles is that not all humans are as bad as the one's leading the war against their race - he always use Lana and her group as an example of good-hearted and very reliable human allies.

First Elder & Lana the Atlantean

The First Elder (Union)

A bit similar to his original plans in the manhwa, in this reimagined AU the 1st Elder's goal would be to continue where his ancestors (the negative polarized atlanteans) have failed - to eliminate all nobles (and werewolves) and declare humanity as the summit of the world.

In a way he could be considered a modern day spiritual successor to the King of Atlantis (he already declared himself as the King of Humans in the original). To achieve this goal he would seek to obtain the great powers and knowledge of his fallen ancestors. Also he could have had either previous encounterments with the Ascended masters (Lana?) and/or he could have heard rumors about them from his surroundings - which would have led him to research more about them, even before the foundation of the Union.

Often he would seek to meet Lana in person, but he would be unable to (due to his missing telephatic abilities). Maybe once in his youth he would get a short glimpse of her - and her glowing cyan/aqua eyes, and/or she would even give him a telephatic message that he's not ready yet to meet her.

During his lifetime (even after the foundation of the Union) he would work on the improvement of his mind/telephatic abilities so that he could properly meet her - Lana would provide him with indirect guidance through dreams, visions and/or other subliminal messages. He would have become Lana's student so to say. After the foundation of the Union the subliminal messages providing guidance to him would considerably change - instead of focussing on his inner growth, the messages would attempt to discourage him from the leadership of the Union - they would include warnings of what could happen to him, or even could try to focus on the reason why had chosen this path. Those messages would be either dismissed by him or supressed - until they would fade away in the end when the First Elder would choose his own path - the path of destruction and total world dominance.

After the subliminal messages would fade away and when the First Elder would notice that, he would telephatically ask Lana why she had gone so quiet - with fake concern over her, knowing too well that his decision must have made her upset. (slight Urokai Agvain vibes here~). Further he would telephatically tell her that soon he is going to pay her a visit (creep detected) - revealing her location to her which he had previously figured out in his research i.e. her residence being Antarctica.

His plan would be to invade her hidden residence/location by force and steal everything of what had remained preserved after the fall of Atlantis (knowledge and technology). Then he would use the acquired technology and knowledge to strenghten the Union and ultimately to conquer the whole world with it, wiping out everyone who would stand in his and the Union's way.

Sidenote: when I think about it, Lana truly could be a bit like a human Noblesse or Previous Lord.

More on Lana & Raizel (+ his first human friends)

Since his childhood Raizel would feel respect/admiration for Lana, looking up to her (almost like a non-biological human mother/aunt) and her devotion in helping other humans - mostly children when Atlantis was still a paradise, and later the fallen humans after the war. When Raizel was a kid and visiting the capital (with his father and maybe RB too) he would often join the other children in her care - playing with them and joining their educational sessions. The children in Lana's care would be a lot like Shinwoo & his friends only with added telephatic abilities and a higher compassion towards strangers. They would immediately accept Rai in their group, despite him being different (and no, it wouldn't be a side effect of his noble aura. Even if he didn't possess this aura of attraction, those children would still accept him as an equal playmate). They would show concern if they would be feeling something off with Raizel, encouraging him to be more open/relaxed etc. Interacting with them would almost feel like interacting with other noble children - telephatic communication and telekinesis would be natural to them - that's how much their telephatic/mind abilities would be evolved. Child Rai would feel like an equal to them. Those young atlantean children (+ Lana) would become his first human friends. It is unknown to this moment what would have happened to the children during the great war. Perhaps some of them would have been forced to join the elites/negative side after maturation. And maybe some of them could later become Ascended masters themselves and join Lana's group.

Originally there could be six children in Lana's care. Three of them could turn to the negative side and either become fallen humans after the war, or die in the blast (or one or two would have become a fallen humans, and the other one or two wouldn't survive the blast/war). The remaining three children could have later become Ascended masters and join Lana's group. Or - three children would had chosen the negative path, the other three children would had chosen the positive path. One of the positive one's would have passed away by the hands of their negative former friends. In the end only two of the children would had survived and joined Lana's new group. Lana's inner circle would consist of those two ascended children and a few other survived masters. Raizel could meet Lana and his old atlantean friends again in the modern era.

"It is unknown when did the Union was founded, but it traced back over thousands years and The Union had long been conflict with the Nobles. (...) It is said that out of many human organisations, Union is by far the biggest and most powerful. It is also implied to be the very first 'group' ever to be established by the mankind." (Noblesse Wiki)

Thousands of years, huh ? Well, it would make sense to believe that the Union could have been founded during the current mankind's earlier timeperiod i.e. possibly during an era when the Ascended masters and nobles were more actively helping the fallen humans to seed a new civilization - giving them protection and teaching them basic human survival knowledge. Big headcannon: the First Elder could have actually been one of the early/first humans of the newly re-created civilization - that's why he would hear rumors about the Ascended masters in his surroundings and even get a glimpse of Lana back then. It would spark his interest in learning more about those "advanced humans". Frankenstein also could have been one of the early post-atlantean humans just like the First Elder - his lineage probably even having direct connections to the late atlantean scientists. HDC edit - He could have been the offspring of one of Raizel's first atlantean friends - the one who would fight against the atlantean elite's but the blast would wipe all of his memories and undo his progress to ascension*.

(Ascension being a state reached after the continuous growth of oneself to the point of activating one's inner hidden abilities/powers inherited from 200K+ ancient nobles i.e. activating the small noble DNA fragment which all humans have inherited from their oldest ancestors.) Ascended humans usually don't become new nobles, instead they turn into a human & noble mutation (so to say) - or better they turn into humans with noble-like abilities and lifespan (without any or minimal artificial body improvements - in rare cases). Despite their evolutionary step being purely natural, some post-atlantean nobles would still consider them non-human (some of them would even feel intimidated by their presence - just by not fully understanding the real cause of this difference compared to other (fallen) humans. Some nobles would even associate this advancement to some kind of "corrupted" atlantean technology - which they knew once decimated like a half of their population). Older nobles (like PL, Raizel or Gejutel), who'd have understood the real cause for this advancement, and wouldn't see such advanced humans necessarily as a threath, nor as corrupted non-human beings (humans who would have given away their humanity for power) - they would still be cautious around them though, knowing how powerful they can get. Raizel would always emphasize so much on the importance of believing in oneself, trusting one's inner lead/voice - trusting one's feelings, focussing on one's growth etc. - cuz he would have known already a lot about it - He would have gotten all of this from Lana's school and his own experience with humans btw. lol

On the human sacrifice & experimetation bit:

Because of the total destruction/disintergration of the city of Atlantis the new civilization consisting of fallen humans (just as the Union) literally had no way how to recover the atlantean's advanced lost technology - besides of the knowledge which the Ascended masters already possessed or old archives hidden in other parts of the world (like Antarctica - beneath the permafrost). Those archives were unavailable to the new human civilization though - some archives were confiscated by the nobles (information carriers like books or data devices were brought to the palace + hidden in underground libraries), others by the Ascended masters - to prevent this knowledge being spread among the people of the new civilization and utilized by negative oriented people which could lead to another war similar to the last one 10K years ago.

Due to the knowledge to this old lost technology being unavailable, some early post-atlantean human (like the First Elder) began to "re-educate" themselves often by conducting experiments on other humans - a lot of them being violent. The gruesome human experiments, even to the current day, were those human's only way how to regain the long lost technological/biological knowledge the atlantean elite's once had. (I'm purposely writing atlantean "elite" to differentiate between positively oriented atlantean's (early atlantean's + Lana's group) and the late negative oriented elite's (King of Atlantis and his followers - the one's starting the war between Atlanti's capital & old Lukedonia).

Difference between Ascended masters and the atlantean elites + AM presecution by nobles

While the true ascended humans reached their ascension naturaly with continuous development, the negative oriented elite's reached this level artificially - by DNA & body modifications (something that the nobles see as unpure and loss of humanity). In the elite's words this method was seen more efficient compared to the slow method of reaching ascension per natural means. I guess that's where the actual corruption of the atlantean mankind started + let's add some noble traitors into the equation and voila~ a war is sparked. And with all of that the post-atlantean's noble's fears of the ascension being artifical (made by corrupted atlantean technology) wouldn't be that much unjustified/out of place either - only it would be based on a common misunderstanding - lack of knowledge about the difference between the Ascended masters and the atlantean elites. And that kind of misunderstanding would eventually lead to the illegal persecution of the Ascended masters by bitter/vengeful/traitorous nobles who either couldn't accept humans on a similar power level than themselves or just couldn't forgive humanity for the large amount of noble lives they've taken during the war. The persecution would be strongest during the first millenia after the atlantean-lukedonian war - during the re-creation of the new human civilization.

In the beginning phases Lana and the other AM would be actively watched by groups of noble guards - supposedly doing their job of providing "protection" to them and making sure that "everything goes according to the new laws" - the reality being that often the guards themselves would consist of bitter/vengeful nobles despising Lana & the AMs just for being atlanteans (their biggest enemy). To provide actual protection to Lana and the AMs Raizel would often have to disguise himself as a noble guard and secretly keep the guards in check so they wouldn't harm the AM's - aka his childhood friends & Lana who he had great relationships with. By doing that he would had successfully defended the AMs before the angered guards could lay their hands on them - also by showing his angry judgemental/Noblesse self and scaring the guards away. But despite his efforts to keep his old friends protected the persecutions of the AM would only start. While Raizel would effectively ensure Lana's and his friends safety, somewhere at a different location nobles, similarly bitter to the one's Raizel took care of, would capture and murder a couple of other AMs. Those AMs surviving this incident would flee to Lana's village (after they would establish a telephatic connection to her) - wounded and some of them even with Lukedonian special handcuffs still attached to their arms/hands. The sight of those handcuffs would greatly upset and anger Raizel. Lana would take care of the wounded AMs after that, and Raizel would take the handcuffs with him to talk with the PL how to deal with the illegal persecutions.

As time would progress, more and more wounded AMs would arrive at Lana's village. While Raizel would be doing everything in his power to stop the illegal persecutions of AMs, Lana would also work on a plan how to create a permanent safe place for all AMs to live and thrive in, unreachable by any nobles or fallen humans without the AMs consent. One day / or night, Lana and the other enough skilled AMs would create and send out a specific signal to world which could be felt by all AMs, instructing all of them to gather at a specific secret location. This location would later be protected by Raizel (and maybe a few other nobles too who'd also care about the safety of the AMs) as more a more AMs would be lured to the signal. The location where all AMs would be led to would be the continent of Antarctica (before it was completely covered by permafrost). Beneath the antarctican surface the AMs would create an underground safezone / home for everyone. They also would create a similar energy field over the entrance to their underground safezone as the nobles did to Lukedonia - completely hiding it from the eyes of nobles and fallen humans + the much later formed permafrost and inhospitable icy conditions would protect the place even further. After the conclusion of this mission and all AMs being safely sheltered inside of the hidden base, Lana, Raizel's ascended friends and Raizel (+ other nobles if present) would since then go their own ways. The AMs would thank Raizel (+ other nobles if applicable) for their help and would wish him and Lukedonia in general the best - and that the situation in the noble society calms down as soon as possible. Sad but knowing that he did the right thing Raizel would return back to Lukedonia with a promise that he would never disclose the location of the AM's new home to anyone - for their own safety of course.

Since then only properly trained and educated AMs would choose to leave their home and make actions in the outside world. Most of the care over the fallen humans would be given to the nobles by then. Only if nobles would purposely or accidentaly neglect certain aspects of human education/evolution the AMs would come forth and try to provide additional proper education to mankind. Fortunately there wouldn't be too many instances were the AMs would have to jump in in this case. Besides that, the one biggest reason why the atlanteans would have had to secretly operate in the outside world would be due to the existence of the Bloodstone. Thousands of years later, in the current modern time, the Bloodstone would be the reason why Lana & a few other AMs would have to reach out to Raizel once again - their search for the Bloodstone would lead them to Raizel - the current owner. As stated by Lana the Bloodstone would be in need of purification, because in it's current state it could cause many problems if utilized by negative oriented people i.e. by wrong people. Sadly, due to the incident with RB and the civil war happening some time later after the conclusion of the atlantean "rescue mission" Raizel wouldn't have any knowledge of the Bloodstone - esp. that it once could have been an atlantean healing stone before it became corrupted. Or maybe he could have an assumption that the stone could have once belonged to the atlanteans (he could have heard once that they were known to use stones for healing & empowerment and such) but he either wasn't entirely sure of that or he didn't want to bother Lana & the AMs after all the stuff they had to go through in the past - or maybe he had that assumption but thought that it would be much safer to keep the stone with him since he wasn't sure if the stone wouldn't cause any catastrophic side effects among the AMs. Either way he would've decided to keep the stone inside a hidden chamber in his mansion.

One detail on the AMs: during the period of time since Raizel, the positive nobles and AMs went their own way until the current modern era, the AMs would greatly improve their hidden antarctican base with remnants of their old technology. They also would create a large sacret chamber where they would place a huge glowing memorial stone dedicated to all victims of the past atlantean-lukedonian war. Also the entire population of the AMs would have grown by many times.