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Noblesse + Noblesse Reimagined (AU) (?)

This page might contain headcannons, thoughts related to original Noblesse manhwa and to my own partial AU - Noblesse: Reimagined | Age of the Noblesse.

In regards to the anime: TBH, I don't mind if the anime makers won't make more seasons in the future. It's better this way, I think. It will save the drama in relation to Raizels questionable actions in the next seasons (Urokai's death, etc.)

[I dislike Franken x Rai so much *insert GG/Negz gag* ;-; probably the worst BL ship ever (in my books) .. there is no way in hell someone would change my mind about that -_- ]

[Sorry to all Franken x Rai shippers thou ;-;]

Noblesse - The Traitors (AU)

Asriel: "Hey, Urokai. Do you want to hear a joke ?"

Urokai: *ignores human kid*

Asriel: "Hey, Urokai. Do you want to hear a joke ?" -3-

Urokai: *ignores human kid*

Asriel: "I know you can hear me." -3-

Urokai: *still ignores human kid*

Asriel: "..."

Asriel: "Hey, Mr. Red. Can I ask you- ?" *is immediately cut off*

Urokai: "I told you dozens of times to not call me by that."

Asriel: "Red is literally your haircolor, you know.." -3-

Urokai: "I know. Just shut up." *is annoyed*

Asriel: "Kind of weird to take your own haircolor as an insult." -3-

Urokai vs. Gradeus

Urokai: "Gradeus, listen to me. You don't know what this psychopath is capable of !"

Gradeus: "What would you fucking know."

Gradeus: "Mr. Red, is this your new name the human gave you ? Heh. Are you sure you are not developing sympathies for those wretched creatures (humans) ? This isn't like the old Urokai I know.

Both keep fighting each other with their soul weapons.

Urokai: "Would you finally listen to me at least for a moment before swinging Messad at me again?

Gradeus: "Hell no. Get lost, you are in my way.

Noblesse - The Only True Ending..

Both groups (Raizel & Muzaka, Raskreia & clan leaders) prepare for the incoming nukes.

They successfully save humanity from the nukes, but all 5 die / go to eternal sleep.

Next chapter: Epilogue

Every participant, who was supposed to be gone, shows up alive and goes on with their day as usual.

The End.

(xDD seriously though, wtf)

Alternate ending - version 2 (headcanon)

There is a something which got me thinking...

What if Raizel actually was immortal and he got an ending similar to Alucard (Hellsing Ultimate) ?

In Hellsing Ultimate Alucard dies at the end. After 30 years of staying in the afterlife - defeating all souls he had consumed in the battle with Millenium - he returns back from the dead.

That got me thinking: what if Raizel returned from his eternal sleep too (after some time of enjoying the moments of his own eternal sleep) - possibly even materialized in the classroom ? (his symbol, the phoenix, could be a hint too).

It's an explanation which would make sense, yet at the same time it would open up more questions and conflicts with the story: what was the point of keeping him alive for the majority of the story then ? Muzaka's near death, Raskreia's sacrifice of Ragnarok or Frankenstein's worries ? Why ?

What if Raizel hinted this possibility all the time by saying that no one should worry about his fate (mostly Frankenstein shouldn't let his needless worries get to him). From Raizel's perspective it would make a lot of sense of him intuitively knowing that all will be fine in the end. But unfortunately, despite the reassurance, people around Raizel would still worry about him.

But still, it's an explanation of the ending which I would accept as well, despite the conflicts with the story (and the possibility that we all - the readers - would have been fooled into thinking that Raizel would permanently be gone after the nuke attack e-e).

Alternate ending

Both groups (Raizel & Muzaka, Raskreia & clan leaders) prepare for the incoming nukes.

At the same moment, as the two nukes approach the nobles & Muzaka, an unknown force suddenly disarms both of them.

When everyone prepares their force shields, the disarmed missiles smash against them just as if they were mere objects. Small explosions occur but not of an intensity everyone anticipated.

In the end everyone is unharmed and dumbfounded as the most anti-climatic plot-twist concludes.

In the meantime, on the Moon:

Chantris #1 : (talking to a device) "Sir, our intervention was successful. The nobles and the werewolf lord are unharmed. I detect no causalities from humanity either."

Chantris #2 : (standing next to his colleague) "Phew.. that was close. A moment later and they all would have been gone. And there I thought the attack satellites were bad enough."

In the end everyone returns back home and lives happily ever after.

The End.



And from now on this is the only 'canon' Noblesse ending I accept : a positive ending through the intervention of the Chantris race.

That's what you get for messing with space stuff, Writer (and for a crappy canon ending too, with a crappier epilogue).

Thoughts on Noblesse (canon) *vent/rant*

Recently I've finally made myself to read all remaining chapters of the original manhwa (it was like 140+ chapters) after I've dropped the series years ago - now I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have done that.. (ignorance would have been bliss).

I don't know who I'm more mad at - Raizel or the writer. And I don't even know what to say because this damn story was written in a way that it excuses and justifies every crap of this selfish, emotionally compromised POC who is supposed to be the main character of the story - and the biggest pain in the a$$ for everyone who serves him(*). You just have to feel bad for this asshole - and if you don't, the story will make you feel bad for him. The story makes you want him, care for him, want only the best for him. But he doesn't/can't do anything for you in return - because he's fucking stubborn AF, and he has a 'job' to do. And the story limits everything for him. He can't change who he is, even if his role brings him sadness. He can't achieve true happiness just as we can't achieve happiness while following his life journey - But, we/humanity are supposed to live a happy life and believe in ourselves - we are supposed to have the happiness he can't have + other characters too. Everyone in this story wants something which they can never achieve (like a fucking Kobayashi Maru - ref. Star Trek).

It's fucking depressing...

And the story is a complete mindfuck...

Somehow, even in 2D form, Raizel managed to mindfuck the reader with his 'charm'...

(*) Here is a conspiracy theory - based on some stuff which I've noticed while reading the last season: Even Frankenstein seemed to had enough of Raizel and his BS in the end ! (indirectly of course). Notice how he wasn't afraid to tell Raizel that he will not heal Muzaka if Raizel attempts to return Muzaka's power back to him. Even Lunark asked him afterwards if it was okay to talk like that to Lord Raizel. (just - wow, nice one Franken'). And then the whole 3rd Elder thing - who totally doesn't look and act like a reverse colored Raizel (kinder one), with long hair and braids, in human form - and who in the end becomes Frankenstein's new assitant in the Union (epilogue). TBH, I don't blame Franken' for getting fed up with Raizel. Perhaps the outburst towards the 3rd Elder, after he came to his rescue wasn't even that much directed at him - but rather was a vent after everything he had to endure with Raizel, who wouldn't fucking listen and stop blabbering his Noblesse mantra (how saving innocent lives would make his life worthy). God how Frankenstein would love it to grab his 'Master' by the neck and yell at him why he is throwing away his life like nothing. But sadly, he can't do this to him (because of his character limitations). Every reader would be upset after seeing Franken getting pissed at Raizel.

One thing that Noblesse truly is - it's a story which fully enables an emotionally compromised character and justifies his wrong actions. Because as a Noblesse he always has to be in the right.

Either way, that's it. I'm done with canon (or perhaps with Noblesse as a whole), and I don't want to read a chapter ever again in my life, no matter how wrong I will be. Just like the series is dead these days, so is the canon to me.

I saw what I needed to see. Suffered through everything and reflected on my past decisions in regards to this webtoon.

Noblesse was never meant for me despite the fact that I've enjoyed reading it sometimes.

Conspiracy theory II.

The NOBLESSE Simulation:

The complete story is almost like a simulation - centered around Raizel. Yk, the Ye-Ran school kids (and school girls) behave almost like NPC's - doing the same things with Raizel over and over again (and Raizel constantly doing the same things also), and not complaining or getting bored. (The Noblesse Plaza bruh.. xD)

Imagine this plottwist:

After Raizel's death, the Noblesse simulation ends. In the middle of the holo-chamber we will see the real Raizel - broken & sad, who realized that not even this simulated world can make him truly happy (as it's a fake world run by code). The true Raizel would use this simulation (within a holo-chamber) all the time, to escape his own reality.