Abyssian Journal


Welcome to my personal website !

I'm just a weeb who likes weird stuff (crazy & tinfoil hat style), likes to day-dream and to create headcanons.

Here you can find content which might not be suitable for everyone (i.e. I'm writing stuff here completely freely as it comes to my mind and the result might be an unorganized mess xD.) - or just random/assorted stuff (projects, headcanons, etc.).

Browse this site at your own risk ;)

Assorted stuff

Ciência!! | Nikola Tesla (Shuumatsu no Valkyrie) | Enygma

Annunaki Movie | Spirit Science

Knock You Down !! - Remix Cover (DELTARUNE Chapter 2)
(currently my version of RoR's Tesla's fight music xD)

Hime Trance kai & J Eurobeat / Mirukomeda 138
(sad.. embed doesn't work anymore e-e)

[ Youtube Link Here to watch music video ]